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by Gilles Traditi

Meet The Foodies

The Roman Foodie blog is a travel blog for those coming to Rome or Italy, searching for good, local honest and authentic Italian food. It was created as an addition to our Italy Travel Blog (called The Roman Guy), because we were hearing far too often that people were coming to Rome and not getting the foodie experiences they expected!

This made our Foodies upset. So they decided to put their heads together and create a blog for visitors called “The Roman Foodie”. Written with the inspiration we’ve taken form eating our way through Italy over the years, The Roman Foodie blog includes:

  • restaurant recommendations by destination
  • cool foodie hidden gems
  • where to find the best cocktails in town
  • and even recipes to get you excited about your vacation to Rome!


• American / Italian duel citizen living in Italy close to a decade • Avid food blogger and cook • Enigmatic & passionate when explaining Roman cuisine I pride myself on knowing every nook and cranny of Trastevere and every person that works in food. Who started what, created that and cooked this. It takes years of living in Rome and getting to know the people to figure out the real story behind which restaurants are famous for their kitchen and which ones are famous for their names. We’ll take you to the right ones.
The Roman Guy guides: Amanda


Lover of all things Italy (especially the food) Favorite Dish: Pizza Diavola (with capers!) My foodie-ness began at an early age while traveling around Europe. It continued to grow throughout my youth living in Los Angeles and later in New York. I have a tendency to spend as much time photographing my food as I do eating it. One of my favorite foods is Eggplant- so if you know where to find the best Eggplant dishes in Rome (particularly on pizza), send them my way! Also, give me some capers and I’ll put them on just about anything.


• Lived in Italy for the most of his life • Supreme knowledge of Italian and Rome history • Favorite Dish: Melanzane alla Parmigiana I moved to Rome to finish college, and after deciding to give it an extra year, I lost count and ended up staying for 10 years! There are so many things about Rome that fascinate me day after day, and I keep discovering new reasons to love this place with every step. This is why it is so easy and rewarding to channel my passion and love for Rome into The Roman Guy. At the end of the day, my missions is to give those who’s paths cross with Italy, both a memorable holiday and the taste of Italy that I get to savor it every day!


• Born in Tiber’s Island in the real center of Rome • Traveled in Us, Mexico and Europe to expand his for culture • Never left something on his plate • Favourite Dish: My Grandma’s Cappelletti in Brodo Italian Designer born in Rome, passionate about technology, innovation and of course FOOD! Constantly looking for new delicacies to taste but always loyal to the traditional Italian food.

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